Amprobe BAT-250 Battery Tester Review | Best Battery Tester on Amazon

Amprobe BAT-250 is quite good battery tester, it comes from a reputable brand & is quite sturdy & reliable product. There are many cheap knockoff of original Amprobe BAT-250 on amazon, flipkart, they are cheap but are not accurate & might not last long. Specifications Test standard and rechargeable batteries: 9 V, AA, AAA, C, […]

Enable Virtualization in AMD Chipsets

Enable Virtualization in AMD Chipset AB350 Gaming 3 with Ryzen 5 1600 After latest BIOS update, Virtualization got disabled again & virtualBox started complaining about same, To enable it follow below steps: 1 – Boot into BIOS mode using the function key 2 – Click on MIT -> Advanced CPU Frequency Setting -> Advanced CPU […]

Best WatchFaces for Amazfit Bip # Video#1

Instructions to install with download details available on below links: Watchface#10… Watchface#09… Watchface#08… Watchface#07… Watchface#06… Watchface#05… Bonus Watchface… Follow us on Instagram for more updates & watch faces:…

GTA 5 official Game for Free on EpicGames Store

GTA 5 is going to be free till May21, So technically for 7 days GTA5 will be free to download & play. It was announced by Epic Games official channel on Twitter(Tweet was deleted laterOn). Here is the link to download the same, Head over to below link to download the same. Direct Link: […]

Is bitcoin being banned in India ?

Yes, mails are being sent by Different banks to it’s users to refrain from using it’s cards/services for purchase of crypto assets: Source: This is the reason Crypto prices being going downwards due to stringent measures by Banks & RBI. But some relief comes in form of press release by leading exchanges of India Unocoin […]