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Editing PDFs can be a daunting task, i personally fell for the 7 days trial for a small edit in a pdf file.

It almost costed me 15USD , but Adobe folks were generous to cancel same when i contacted as soon as my card was charged.

Long story short, i wanted a free tool to edit pdfs, tried many chrome addons, few software etc. but nothing was as good as adobe acrobat capabilities.

I already use LibreOffice since last 5 years and was not aware that LibreOffice Draw can also act a an excellent PDF editor.

During some more searching found about this Gem, and now all my PSD editing happens in LibreOffice Draw.

It is so much easy and biggest thing is it is completely Free and opensource. another reason to not use cracked versions.

I doesn’t use MS office as for my casual use LibreOffice is more than enough for me, i use it with mix of gdrive docs and, i don’t own MS office and haven’t feel a need to purchase it yet.

Thanks a ton to the opensource community for LibreOffice , it is such a great Gem.

How to Use LibreOffice Draw:

Download LibreOffice from this link:

Once Installed, Search for LibreOffice Draw in windows search Bar:

Open the App, Then from file menu , open the pdf file which you want to edit.

File -> Open -> Choose any PDF file to edit

Select Text field, which you want to modify and you should be able to do it.

Once done with editing, save the file to save your changes.

Also You can convert your PDF to PNG/GIF/HTML page via “Export” Button

Click on File-> Export-> From here you can export it to many different formats.


LibreOffice is a great alternative not just to Microsoft Office, But for Adobe Acrobat too.

You can use it seamlessly without missing on much while saving you a hell lot of money in subscription or license fees.

You can easily edit PDFs with LibreOffice Draw which is part of LibreOffice suite. After editing you can export pdf to image or HTML as well.

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