Enable dark mode in windows 10 without activation

If you are using windows 10 in a VM or you are still trying the windows10 before buying the key. You will be stuck with the default windows theme & will not be able to change from light to Dark theme for apps & system.

With the below simple registry Hack you can change the same within 2 minutes.

  • Open the registry Editor in Run window
  • One Registry Editor is open, Go to below Key & change the value of AppauselightTheme to 0 to get the dark theme.
AppsuselightTheme - 0 for dark, 1 for light theme
Registry Setting to enable Dark Mode
  • If you don’t see the key AppsUseLightTheme – Then right click in the empty area & create a new DWORD 32 value with Name: AppsuselightTheme & value as 0
  • No restart is necessary, Apps & all System apps will turn to dark theme.
File Explorer in Dark Mode
  • In case you need to revert back to light theme again, Follow same steps, but change value of AppsuselightTheme == 1

PS: Tested in Windows 10 since 1909

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