Share your Android/iOS Screen with anyone in 2 minutes with google’s new app “Meet”

In just 2 minutes, you can start sharing your Android/iPhone’s screen with anyone using zoom’s competitor Google Meet:

Follow below steps to share your screen quickly with anyone: For now you can only share, they will not be able to control.

1 – Download google meet

2 – Log in with your account, then click on “start Meeting”

3 – Share the invite with the person with whom you want to share your screen.

4 – Once other person joins click on three dots on right top corner & click on “present screen”:

5 – Click on “Start Now” if any prompt occurs, be mindful of what you are sharing with others.

6 – Screen Sharing will start : All other persons in the meeting will be able to view your phone’s screen on their Phone or PC or whatever device from which they had joined the meeting.

Viewing Phone’s screen in Chrome on PC.

7 – Stop when done.

8 – You can do all this vice versa as well i.e quickly share your screen on PC with anyone who just has access to a Android or iOS device.

9 – Works with iPhones/iPad too – follow details here:

PS: You might need to be patient as there might be bit delay in screen sharing .

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