HP Chromebook 11A Blue

HP Chromebook MT8183 – (4 GB/64 GB EMMC Storage/Chrome OS) 11A-NA0002MU real life review

Bang for buck. Just go for it, Only one con which can be sorted.I have purchased a windows 10 celeron laptop from acer years back, it is too slow to use because windows can not perform without good hardware.Chromebook is perfect choice for this less powerful hardware for casual use, Netflix, Zoom/Google Meet classes & browsing etc all works perfect without any lag.Also no heating issue, very slim & compact form factorPros:- Apps from appstore is a huge plus.- touchscreen is a huge plus, makes using it a breeze.- No fan as it has heat sink inside, i have used it continuously for hours watching movies on Netflix & it didn’t even get warm.- Can install Linux apps very easily, installed Visual Studio code to learn python, good to have Linux support.- Can fill school worksheets online using adobe reader (Fill & sign Form) from playstore.- for Office you can use google docs or Microsoft Office app from playstore.- Compact & sturdy build, doesn’t feel like cheap windows laptops at this price range which are mostly flimsy & overheats most of the time for even copy paste.Cons:- Speaker are just Ok, like every other laptop, could have been louder, i use a Bluetooth speaker so that con is sorted.Main use is kid’s online classes for which it is just perfect, no qualms with the purchase, but genuinely happy for such a product at such a price.

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